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Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender persons face discrimination at school, on the job, and in their own family lives. LGBTQ people are more likely than their peers to be harassed at school, to be the victims of violent hate crimes, to be turned down for employment, to be fired, and even ostracized from their own religious communities.

Many fundamental rights granted to heterosexuals couples through civil marriage are denied to same sex parents. In many states same sex partners cannot make medical decisions for each other, be recognized on their partners’ health insurance policy, or inherit property from one another without a lot of legal paperwork that may not be enough in the end. Non-biological parents in a gay partnership may have no parental rights if their partners die, leaving their children with an uncertain future without their remaining parent to care for them.

Speakers Bureau

PFLAG San Diego’s Speakers Bureau is our main voice in the community. At no charge, trained and dedicated PFLAG SD members will speak at school, college and university classrooms, businesses, community organizations and other groups to share their experiences, answer any questions and raise awareness regarding diversity issues.

Need Speakers

Please contact us if you know of a school or business who may be interested in one of our presentations, please contact us today.

Still Work to be Done

Discrimination against LGBTQ persons still exists today, and continues to makes their lives difficult. Many of us parents and friends feel the need to speak out on behalf of our children and friends who are unjustly deprived of basic human and civil rights. That’s why advocacy is an important part of PFLAG’s mission. Join us today.