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We Educate

We have all heard a lot of myths about homosexuality and gender identity. Some of the these statements are things you may have heard or even believed. But myths about how homosexuality comes about continue to circulate and research shows all these statements to be false.

We absorb these myths almost without knowing it, from television and movies, from conversations with friends, from sound bites on the news, and from our own religious organizations. As we begin to deal with sexual orientation (our own or that of a family member or friend), it is important to get reliable, fact-based information.

So education begins with ourselves, and we are eager to learn. Knowing and loving our LGBTQ family members and friends helps us “unlearn” homophobia and strengthen our relationships with those who differ from us. Sharing our experiences with other families teaches us that we are not alone. We are eager to share what we’ve learned with others—out of pride in our LGBTQ loved ones, and in the hope of making the world a friendlier and safer place for them.


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Support Groups

PFLAG San Diego holds monthly meetings, generally with a short educational program followed by support groups. Support groups provide a safe, friendly place where, in small groups, parents can voice their concerns about homosexuality. Similarly, gay people can speak of their efforts and experiences in seeking parental understanding and acceptance. Our educational program consists of a diverse group of guest speakers and videos, plus we offer great online courses for them as well.

Tax Deductible

PFLAG SD is a 501(c)3 charitable organization making your donations tax-deductible. Under IRS guidelines, the full amount of any gift and/or membership is deductible as a charitable contribution. Upon request, written documentation of donations will be provided for tax-related purposes.